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RenewityRMA offers cloud-based solution for manufacturing companies to create a lean returns process on the Microsoft Azure platform.

RenewityRMA offers cloud-based solution for manufacturing companies to help automate workflow and create a lean returns process.

The Microsoft Azure cloud platform enables new levels of security and reliability for Renewity customers

Ottawa, ON. – October 3, 2016 – RenewityRMA, a leader in workflow and process automation for manufacturing companies, today announced the launch of their its cloud- based software solution for creating a lean returns process hosted on Microsoft Azure. RenewityRMA allows for a service team to configure a system to reflect its custom process. You create custom fields, actions, events, and reporting to support the types of returns and RMA’s your company deals with. Now hosted on Azure, Renewity is able to offer clients the level of security and performance that they demand for handling their clients’ product returns and service.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes an integral part of products, there will also be a large need for the return and repair of more and more products with embedded processors and electronics. Customer service and satisfaction have also become an integral part of any successful business. Customers now expect a high level of customer service with support staff as well as transparency into the returns process. Customers want to be informed every step of the way when returns are being processed. RenewityRMA provides a fully integrated system for managing returns, improving customer satisfaction and increasing upsell opportunities through post-sale services.

“Returns management in manufacturing companies represents an enormous, yet neglected market for cloud-based solutions. Existing solutions are manual, labor intensive, and non-transparent. Organizations large and small are adopting cloud-based approaches to manage their business processes and make them lean by eliminating waste, and CEOs today are making their numbers because of post-sale service revenues. RenewityRMA provides the platform to showcase and deliver on the company’s service promise and to obtain operational excellence in lean returns, while improving the customer’s experience for service,” said Stephen McNally, CEO of Renewity Systems.

RenewityRMA looks to provide a fully integrated system to provide your service team with leanest returns process possible. RenewityRMA clients have experienced a reduction in return rates of up 25percent in the first year of deployment. Clients have been able to achieve this by creating automated processes and workflows in Renewity to support how they process returns. You don’t need any programming or coding experience to configure the system, so you can have your service manager and team configure the system to reflect each specific stage in the process, the custom data to be collected, as well as initiate any custom actions that are necessary to communicate with internal teams and the customer.

Azure is trusted by organizations both big and small to help protect sensitive organization and customer data. After switching to Azure in the spring of 2016, RenewityRMA has been able to sign on several large global manufacturers in the medical device industry and the tools necessary to create the industrial process automation industries. These companies demanded the performance and security compliance provided by Microsoft Azure that we did not have with our previous cloud provider.

“Microsoft Azure provides transformative opportunities for companies like RenewityRMA who need flexible scale, performance and enterprise-grade security to develop new business possibilities,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft Azure provides industry-leading security features along with performance and scalability to provide manufacturing customers, such as Renewity’s, with an excellent customer experience for returns and service.”

Building on many years of experience providing software to manufacturing companies to assist with workflow and process automation, RenewityRMA provides a platform for a variety of companies manufacturing a variety of different products. We listen to our customers and understand that every company and product is different and so is the process that is used to return those products. RenewityRMA provides a completely configurable system so that you can create your system, for your processes, your data, your way.

About RenewityRMA

RenewityRMA provides cloud-based workflow and process automation for returns management. We believe in providing a solution that is adaptable, functional and ultimately provides your service team with the tools necessary to create a lean returns process, increase customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and reduce return rates.

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