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“With significantly higher profitability and a growth potential that is still under-exploited in a majority of the companies benchmarked, the service business is the overlooked jewel of many company portfolios, rarely receiving the attention it deserves. Joining the service revolution in manufacturing industries may be one of the most fundamental steps companies can take to ensure their future survival and success.”
— Deloitte, The Service Revolution

You can join the Service Revolution with Renewity.

The company’s product, Renewity RMA™, offers a web application to track and manage after-sales service and returns and repairs, and has processed over 1,000,000 RMAs to date for name brand customers like Panasonic Industrial Devices, Bridgewave , Honeywell, Brooks, Illinois Tools Works  and Instantel. Customers have achieved up to a 66% decrease in turnaround times, the most important metric in the RMA world, as well as 90 % reduced phone calls and emails to service staff, a reduction in product returns of up to 25 %., new after-sales service revenues and profits,  and a vastly improved customer experience for service.