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After-Sales Service Management Software
With Your Process, Custom Data and Workflow

More than...
1 Million RMAs processed to date

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RenewityRMA is a Returns Management solution for manufacturers and their customers. It manages the complete product return lifecycle — right from the customer initiating an RMA request with our online customer portal to the completion of the repair process.

Today’s internet savvy customer demands an online portal for customer service on your website, and expects fast turnaround on repairs and visibility into the returns process.

If you are using an inefficient, manual returns system with no customer visibility then it is time to change. Your customers are more powerful than ever before with the Internet and social networks. A customer return is probably the biggest issue a customer will have with your company. To be a winner in the Customer Controlled Economy, you need superior online after-sales service. Remember, you are only as good as your customer worst customer experience – don’t let it be returns, a bad reputation is only 1 tweet away.

RenewityRMA is configurable to your process and data, and has all the features needed for Returns Management for manufacturers: multiple RMA and Ticket processes, multiple units on one RMA, split units, swap units, parts lookup, serial number checking and warranty checking, custom fields, custom screens, role based permissions and views, custom states, state events, escalation events, and free customer portal.

PRICING: $69 per month per service rep license, customer portal licenses free, minimum 4 licenses.

Download our Renewity RMA Overview PDF

Renewity RMA™ was designed for...


SME Manufacturers

RMAs for repair and calibration of mission-critical products.


Large Manufacturers

RMAs for repair and calibration of a high volume of lower-value products.


Service Centres

RMAs for repair and calibration of multiple products and manufacturers.

Renewity RMA™ by the numbers

1 Million

RMAs processed to date


improvement in turnaround time


increase in service revenue


satisfaction with the customer portal

Key Features

Customer Portal

Customer Portal icon

Provide customer transparency by enabling your customers to initiate an RMA requests

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting icon

Management benefits from charts and reports that provide insights into repair process performance

Third-party Integration

Third-party Integration icon

Renewity RMA integrates with CRM systems such as NetSuite and

Customization by Service Team

Customization by Service Team icon

Create as many RMA workflow processes as you need, to suit your business needs, without involving IT

Powerful Automated Communications

Powerful Automated Communications icon

Automation features increase turnaround time by 66% and generate an increase in service revenue by 30%

Benefits by Role

Customers icon


Instantly receive an RMA # and shipping information upon initiating an RMA online.

Renewity RMA logo

Completely customizable to fit any RMA process.

Repair Center icon

Repair Center

Easily identify and action priorities with flags on items that need immediate attention, automated customer communications, etc.

Partners/Distributors icon


3rd party service centres are transparent to the customer.

Quality Assurance Manager icon

Quality Assurance Manager

Receive detailed feedback concerning product quality, recurring problems, parts use, etc.

Chief Executive Officer icon

Chief Executive Officer

Gain visibility into service issues that impact customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability.

VP of Sales icon

VP of Sales

Allows visibility to client to ensure highest customer service satisfaction.

Director of Operations icon

Director of Operations

Review detailed reports on turnaround time, increase efficiencies and get complete control of the RMA process.


“Renewity RMA™ is part of the reason we retained customers and grew our service business.”
“It was really fast to set up, and worth every penny. It has paid for itself many times over.”
“Renewity RMA™ was key to improving our service revenue by almost $2,000,000 by doing 20-25% increase in throughput with no increase in costs.”
“Before Renewity RMA™, every RMA required 12 pieces of paper. Now we are paperless.”
“We were growing from a $5M to a $40M company and needed RMA automation to scale our support function.”
“The Renewity RMA™ online portal is instant!

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